Thursday, July 17, 2008

Of His Fullness

"Because He gives us our being. "It is He who has made us." We think it a great kindness in a man to spare our life—but what kindness is it in God to give us our life! We draw our breath from Him; and as life, so all the comforts of life are from Him. He gives us health, which is the sauce to sweeten our life. He gives us food, which is the oil that nourishes the lamp of life. If all we receive is from His bounty, is it not reasonable we should glorify Him? Should we not live to Him, seeing we live by Him? "For of Him, and through Him, are all things." All we have, is of His fullness, all we have is through His free grace; and therefore to Him should be all. It follows, therefore, "To him be glory forever!" God is not our only benefactor—but our founder, just as rivers which come from the sea empty their silver streams into the sea again"

-Thomas Watson, A Body of Divinity, pg.

Thus far I, with the help of Thomas Watson's writings, have examined what it means to glorify God. Now the proceeding question arises: "Why must we glorify God?" If, as Christians, it is our prime duty to grorify God, we must give a proper account as to why it must be done; otherwise, we grorify in ignorance. But, on the contrary, God calls us to a reasonable faith and service, fully exposed in the light; He calls us to see, and not to remain in our blindness. To know the reasons why we glorify God also gives Him glory.

Our existence is given by the Lord of glory. We did not come into existence by blind chance, as the evolutionist propose, but it was God, the omnipotent one, who created us by His might. Not only did He sovereignly create us, but He also sovereignly sustains us; as Watson says, "we draw our breath from Him." So, in every moment of our existence we remain dependant upon our creator. All our necessities come from Him, even our luxuries. How dare we resist Him if this is so? And oppose Him to His face, as if He had not the power to do as He pleases, when we do not get want we want from Him. But let us examine this precious truth that we may think and live accordingly; God's life giving and sustaining kindness ought to be a significant reason to give Him glory. Out of His fullness we have our being.

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