Saturday, June 14, 2008

Small Group Questions Acts 2:1-13

*We will be reading Acts 1:12-26 and Acts 2:1-13, but examining more intently on the latter. Please read the passages along with these questions.

Acts 2:1-4

What is the significance of the following events occurring on this specific day, namely, Pentecost? What may have been the Jewish attitude during this event?

How do you think the disciples reacted when they suddenly heard “a mighty rushing wind” (v.2) coming from heaven?

Statement to consider:
“The violence of the wind did serve to make them (disciples) afraid; for we are never rightly prepared to receive the grace of God, unless the confidence (and boldness) of the flesh be tamed.”

In light of your experience and/or biblical knowledge, would you agree with the statement above? Why or why not? Also, please interact with the above statement and its relation to the world around us.

God used wind, a symbol of the Holy Spirit’s presence (Jn. 3:8), and fire, a symbol of His cleansing and judgment (Matt. 3:11-12). What do you think is the function of “divided tongues” (v.3) that rested on the disciples? How might the spread of the Gospel be different if this miracle was not given?

Acts 2:5-8

Relevant Scriptures:
Let us look at Genesis 11:1-9.
What are the correlations between the above texts and Acts 2? What was the motivation of each event?

Statement to consider:
“At Babel the nations came into being, the nations in their religious alienation from God, in all their earthly power and achievement, and in all their ultimate and spiritual powerlessness. At Pentecost they began to be resolved into the "people of God" as the message of the gospel was addressed to Jewish representatives of the nations of the world.”

What are the differences between a man-centered unity and a God-centered unity? What means does God use to bring about unity with the “people of God?”

Last week we examined the Kingdom of God. What does this event tell us what the kingdom of God is like? Who does the Holy Spirit invite to the Kingdom?

Acts 2:9-13

What is significance of the disciples proclaiming “the mighty works of God” (v.11)? What does this reveal about the Holy Spirit’s agenda? How do we know that the Holy Spirit is at work amongst us?

Relevant Scriptures:
“He will glorify me (Christ), for he will take what is mine and declare it to you,” John 16:14.

Statement to consider:
“So that if the Spirit that is at work among a people is plainly observed to work so as to convince them of Christ, and lead them to Him”

How does this knowledge safeguard us from mysticism and pride?

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